How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of them most efficient ways to grow your business. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to take your company to the next level.

Email Marketing: Most Efficient & Cost-Effective Way To Grow Your Company
Email Marketing: Most Efficient & Cost-Effective Way To Grow Your Company

According to Campaign Monitor, “ marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom“.

Why do they say this?

Because Email Marketing returns $44 for every $1 spent. That’s a ROI (Return On Investment) of 4,400%. This is HUGE.

It’s also many people’s preferred method of communication. A study that was done by Marketing Sherpa found that 60 percent of consumers use email because it’s their favorite way to receive company promotions and updates.

And it’s not slowing down. In fact it’s growing by leaps and bounds.

In 2017, global e-mail users amounted to 3.7 billion users. This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2022 (

So how can you grow your business with Email Marketing?

Turn Your Website or Blog Visitors Into Subscribers

Most companies put a lot of effort and resources into attract new visitors to their website or blog. A very small number of those visitors ever return and an even smaller number of them ever become customers.

Email Marketing can change all this by turning those visitors into your subscribers and possibly your future customers.

By placing a sign up form on your website’s or blog’s home page, you can capture their email addresses.

By placing a sign up form on your website's or blog's home page, you can capture their email addresses.

Visitor will gladly give you their email address if they see the value in your company’s website or blog.

Build Customer Loyalty

When you have a subscriber’s email address, you can then start to build a relationship with that person to the point where they trust you and value your advice.

This is done by emailing them helpful and useful information about your company. Information that will greatly improve their lives. You must show them how truly valuable your company is to them. The more they trust you and like you, the more likely they are to be loyal customers and buy your products and services.

Promote New Products And Services

There is nothing better than a well-organized Email Marketing Campaign to promote you company’s new products and services.

A well organized Email Marketing Campaign can be used to effectively promote your company's new products and services.

It’s the perfect medium in which you can present what you’re offering your subscribers, and show how incredibly valuable these products and services can be to them.

A promotional email from a trusted source (like your website or blog), can be highly effective when it comes to having people purchase your products and services.

According to, “…Email remains a powerful way to connect with customers and influence their buying decisions: 66% of online Americans say they have made a purchase as a result of an email from a brand…

Ask For Testimonials And FeedBack

Testimonials from customers who have purchased your product or service are a great way for you to build your company brand and reputation and grow your business with Email Marketing.

People love to give their opinions about their recent purchases. They like telling others what they think.

Use testimonials from customers to build your company brand and reputation.

Potential customers want to hear from people who have already bought the product or service. They want to know what others think and what they have experienced.

These testimonials can then be used on your company’s website or social networks to solidify your company’s reputation.

Customer feedback is one of the most important resources a company can have.


Because it’s information that’s coming directly from your customer. You get to see what your customers really thinks about your product or service.

Both comments and complaints are important because we get to see what changes need to be made to our product or service. We get to see what needs to be improved.

Create More Website Or Blog Traffic

Email Marketing can also grow your business by bringing more traffic to your website or blog. This is especially true if you host paid advertisement on your website or blog.

The emails you send out to your subscribers can be used to direct link them back to you homepage (or any page) where they can see that interesting article, or new blog post, or promotional item, or free download, or coupon or new discounted product.

It’s also a smart idea to include “share” buttons  and “social media” buttons on your emails.

Use Share and Social Media buttons to attract even more people and greater traffic to your website or blog.

Your subscribers who are reading your emails can then share them with others or post them on social media where they can attract even more people and greater traffic to your website or blog.

Automate Your Email Marketing

Automating your Email Marketing process allows you to segment your subscribers into specific groups based on their interests, likes, product/service preferences, and even behaviours.

Automate your Email Marketing process and segment your subscribers into specific groups.

Why is it important to segment your subscribers into specific groups?

So you can address their needs accordingly.

Basically you’re providing them with  automated, custom-tailored marketing.

You need to write a different email series  for each segmented group.

Some will be “Welcome Emails” to new subscribers, others will be “Promotional Emails” to customers who have bought similar products in the past, others may be “Follow up Emails” to subscribers who have downloaded a free e-book or taken part in a survey.  Some may even be “Call To Action” emails to subscribers who haven’t opened up the emails you have sent them.

Then you automate the entire process and decide when to send the correct email, to the right group of subscribers, at the perfect time. Ad Tracking and Tags can be used to automate your Email Marketing even further. AWeber is one of the email marketing service providers that is the forefront of this technology.

How does this feature of Email Marketing help you grow your business?

A customer who feels like his or her needs and concerns have been addressed, tends to become a loyal, longterm customer. They feel that the company understand them and care about them.

Choose The Right Email Marketing Service Provider

In order for you to be able to grow your business with Email Marketing, you need the right email marketing service provider.

One of the best in the industry (and the one I use every single day) is AWeber.

AWeber: We are email marketing.Aweber helps me communicate more effectively with the people on my email lists, and they help my grow my business everyday. They give me the tools that I need to build stronger relationships with my current customers, and the tools I need to convert new subscribers into loyal customers.

With AWeber I can create sign up forms and capture email addresses from anyone who visits by blog. I can then create different email lists and group my different subscribers accordingly.

I can automate my entire Email Marketing process with a few clicks of my mouse.

If your interested in Email Marketing and growing your own business, AWeber is a great way to start. They’re currently offering a 30 DAY FREE Trial Promotion.

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