How to SetUp and Start Your Blog

How to Set Up and Start Your Blog

There are a few things to consider when setting up and starting your blog. There a few things you need to do.

How to SetUp and Start Your Blog
How to SetUp and Start Your Blo

Pick Your Niche

The first thing you must do is decide what you’re going to blog about. You must pick your niche.

The best thing to do, is to pick a niche that you know well (or will learn well) and stay with it. It should be a niche that you’re passionate and excited about.

The passion and excitement will come through in your writing. Your readers will pick up on this. It’s difficult to fake real passion.

Choose Your Blogging Software

Now you need to choose your blogging software.

What software will you use to write and manage your blog with?

There are many platforms available on the Internet. By far the best two platforms that I have come across are (OPTION #1) and (OPTION #2)

The second option, gives you the WordPress software for free. It’s up to you to download it and install on your own web server. You can always buy a monthly plan with a hosting provider and have them install it for you. This option requires that you have some basic technical skills.

My personal favorite is the first option, because I’m not a very technical person. They take care of all the technical stuff for me, allowing me more time to concentrate on creating and building my blog.

Everything is installed, setup, and ready to go.

In my opinion,  is the best path for you to take when you’re starting out. The prices are very reasonable, and the help and support is world class.

Create Your Own Stunning Blog
Create Your Own Stunning Blog

The Personal plan is $4 a month. The Premium is $8 a month, and the Business plan is $25 a month. The plans are billed yearly, and you get your own domain name for free.

You can start with the Personal plan or Premium plan and then upgrade as you go along. This is how I got started. When you upgrade, you only have to pay the difference.

Design Your Blog

The way to design your blog is by picking a blog theme.

The theme is the overall look of your blog. It’s the software that takes the content of your blog and displays within the  design and layout style that you’ve chosen. offers pages and pages of beautifully designed FREE themes that you can choose from. The themes cover a really wide variety of styles and designs so as to make sure that you find one that will work well  with your niche.


A huge variety of beautifully designed FREE themes to choose from.
A Huge Variety Of Beautifully Designed FREE Themes To Choose From

I found 4 free themes that were perfect for my affiliate marketing blog. I then picked the best out of the 4. You can also change themes at any point in time. If you get fed up with one, you can switch to another one.

There also themes that you can purchase. Prices range anywhere from $10 to $200.

Create Your Content

Now it’s time to create your content.

Put on your creativity cap and get to work.

If you’ve chosen a highly visual topic like fashion or food, combine images with your text posts. If your topic is how-to or DIY, video can be a great addition to your blog (and a great source of extra traffic).

Make sure your content is highly sharable and easy to understand.

Set a schedule for posting and stick with it, as your readers will begin to get excited about your new posts. Continue to grow your community by leaving comments on other blogs and setting up social media for your blog.

Interact with other people and watch your community grow. As long as you stay true to your brand and yourself, there is no limit to where a blog can go!

Hope this helps.

Tom K.

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